Troubleshooting Winkhub issues

This post picks up where part 1 left off. Here is some of the troubleshooting I had to go through since following the instructions did not go smoothly for me.

By following the instructions here (See step #5 specifically) I was able to preserve root access on the device. However, I still had issues with my device booting because when I restarted, it was stuck in a loop:

Starting lighttpd: OK
+ echo 'Launch upgrade script'
Launch upgrade script
+ /root/platform/
+ FILE=/tmp/isalive
+ '[' '!' -e /tmp/isalive ']'
+ sleep 1
+ '[' '!' -e /tmp/isalive ']'
+ sleep 1
+ '[' '!' -e /tmp/isalive ']'
+ sleep 1
+ '[' '!' -e /tmp/isalive ']'
+ sleep 1
+ '[' '!' -e /tmp/isalive ']'
+ sleep 1
+ '[' '!' -e /tmp/isalive ']'

This loop may have occurred because I did not delete the upgrade script as suggested in the instructions. I was a bit afraid of bricking the device. To fix this, I rebooted again using the NAND hack I started with at the beginning, and then I modified the upgrade script in /root/platform/ by commenting out all the details and adding a /bin/bash at the bottom. While this worked and got me a shell after restarting, the aprond was not starting on its own. I suspect this is because the aprond is initialized after the upgrade script runs. Keep in mind at this point I have still never connected it to the internet using the iOS app.

I did some digging and figured out how to connect to the wifi. I added my SSID and WPA key.

Add a wifi key to /database/wpa_supplicant.conf

/ # cat /database/wpa_supplicant.conf


NOTE: The wifi password cannot be too long or contain spaces. (I suspect it cannot contain spaces) It took me a few reboots to figure this out. I happened to catch it complaining about the password in the output during the boot sequence.

Run this to start the wireless: / # ./etc/init.d/S41wireless start

I finally got my wifi connected but the boot sequence was still stuck on this loop:

+ sleep 1
+ '[' '!' -e /tmp/isalive ']'
+ sleep 1
+ '[' '!' -e /tmp/isalive ']'

I was starting to get a bit desparate because I was not able to get any of the services to start. After being stuck in this boot state, I decided to run the upgrade script to see if that might fix anything. I’m not sure what firmware version I was running. After it finished rebooting, I was able to access the shell without having to do the NAND glitch. At this point, it was pretty late so I’m a bit fuzzy if there are any other details I’m missing.

I tested adding a light using the aprontest tool as mentioned in the forums I had been reading.

  • / # aprontest -h Help
  • / # aprontest -a -r zigbee Connect new device
  • / # aprontest -l List all the connected devices
  • / # aprontest -u -m1 -t1 -vOFF Turn light off
  • / # aprontest -u -m1 -t1 -vON Turn light on

There was much rejoicing at 3:30 in the morning. Luckily it was Saturday so I could sleep in.

Before I went to bed I still wanted to see if I could set this up to be able to turn the lights on and off with curl. I found the web folder in /var/www. I created a few simple scripts to test turning the lights on and off from the command line.


	echo "Hello Light On";
	exec('aprontest -u -m1 -t1 -vON');


	echo "Hello Light Off";
	exec('aprontest -u -m1 -t1 -vOFF');

Great Success!
I could now turn the lights on and off by running curl


    if(isset($_GET['value'])) {
        $value = $_GET['value'];
        //if(ctype_digit($value) {
            echo "Setting brightness to " . $value;
            $cmd = "aprontest -u -m1 -t2 -v $value";
        //} else {
            //echo 'Expected integer'

The brightness could be adjusted by running curl Can you see the bug(s) I left in brightness.php where you can easily run any code as root by adjusting the value parameter? I’ll leave this to an exercise for the reader. :)

As you can see in my commented-out bits of brightness.php, I prefer not to write PHP code. Especially at 4:00 in the morning. It wasn’t until the next day I noticed the hole I left in the code by skipping the check for digits. I was really hoping that I could run some Go binaries on this device at this point…


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