Cross compiling Go for Winkhub

How I cross compiled Go to run on the Winkhub and installed a custom web app to control the lights locally.

TL;DR; Be sure to compile with Go 1.5 with the following settings:
GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm GOARM=5 go build .

Hacking the Winkhub

How I liberated my Winkhub from the Cloud

TL;DR; I rooted my Winkhub over the UART connection and then wrote a small Go web service to allow me to turn my lights on and off from my phone.

Linux web services Part I

This is an introduction to a series of talks about setting up Linux servers. I’m going to make the assumptions that you already have some experience at the command line whether it is Mac or Windows so I will not be explaining basic commands in order to keep these talks with in a one-hour time frame. This talk will be done with the assumption you are using a Mac, but you can also follow along using cygwin on Windows.

Tools and Plugins for OSX

Programs iTerm2 - Terminal with nice split screen support and better fullscreen options SublimeText - Cross platform text editor SourceTree - Visual Git client nvAlt - Quick note taking and searching MouApp - Markdown Editor - Screen sharing GrandPerspective - Not quite as nice as WindirStat but pretty close and the price is right. Charles - Proxy app much like Fiddler but for Mac OSX Plugins Spectacle - Window manager that works great and is free.