Matt Carrier - Resume


Sonoma State University: Rohnert Park, CA

  • Double Major:
    • B.S. Computer Science
    • B.A. Art Studio

Work Experience

Disney Streaming

Lead Software Engineer
October 2021 – Present

I’m on the Web Core Services team where I work on developing and managing the continuous integration pipeline as well as the remote config pipeline which allows deploying and creating arbitrary environments for both development and production. This custom Jenkins pipeline is used by Disney+, Star+, and other internal tooling to build, test, lint, and deploy applications to AWS ECS.

  • Manage CI/CD for a large mono repo that uses trunk based development utilizing Jenkins, Spinnaker, Nginx, and Docker to deploy all developer environments to the same domain using cookies to switch origins
  • Own Nginx proxy layer for all web apps (,,,
  • Work with team to design and build shared i18n middleware for express and nextjs for lang/locale routing
  • Setup DataDog dashboard for Nginx proxy layer with alerting to PagerDuty
  • Created an on-call follow the sun PagerDuty rotation with utilizing Datadog for monitoring
  • Document and migrate our infrastructure from AWS ECS to Kubernetes

Sr. Software Engineer
September 2017 – October 2021

  • Internal tooling and dashboards with NodeJS, TypeScript, Groovy, Bash, Docker, AWS Lambda, and ECS
  • Deployment tooling for temporary branch based development environments
  • Setup JSON based configuration management pipeline using JSON Schema to validate config correctness
  • Jenkins automation and configuration – CI/CD
  • Setup web infrastructure on AWS for internal and external projects

Major League Baseball Advanced Media

Sr. Software Engineer
March 2016 – August 2017

I was part of the Web Platform Architecture team where we created many of the base infrastructure and website templates for various MLB-hosted websites:,, and

  • Collaborated on creating deployment processes of NodeJS applications using Jenkins
  • Dockerized CI pipeline to increase pipeline stability
  • Developed an internal dashboard that contains infrastructure information
  • Supported application development teams

Software Engineer II
October 2015 – March 2016

  • Developed in house tooling for setting up development environments and scripts for automation
  • Setup web infrastructure on AWS for numerous projects
  • Automation of existing manual setup processes using node or bash scripts triggered by Jenkins

Vertigo Software

Software Engineer II
August 2013 – October 2015

Consulted with clients and product owners about feature design, implementation, bug fixes, certification, and deployment. Implemented development processes which allow for repeatable application deployment. Documented product features, issues, API’s, and configuration parameters.

  • DevOps - (Setup development and deployment processes utilizing Docker and Amazon AWS)
  • Setup development processes where code that runs locally is identical to what runs in production
  • Designed, documented and mocked REST API endpoints for an IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, for an online marketplace to be used by a web hosting/cloud services provider
  • Led project to document an undocumented web site project inherited from another company. This included recommendations to reduce page loading speeds by over 50% and listed steps to setup new development machines and developers to do work on the website.
  • Implemented pre-roll ads and analytics on NBC LiveExtra iOS for SuperBowl 2015
  • Developed build systems with Gulp to make up for deficiencies in closed development platforms
  • Integrated Pay with Amazon purchasing into Golf Channel Academy iOS app

Software Engineer
June 2012 – July 2013

  • Developed HTML5 PDF Webviewer using the PDFTron library for a large self publishing magazine site
  • Implemented Google Analytics and Facebook OpenGraph integration (Likes and Commenting)
  • Implemented push notifications with the use of UrbanAirship for Golf Channel Mobile (iOS / Objective-C)

Sonoma State University:

Adjunct Faculty (Unix Instructor)
August 2013 – May 2014

Instructed evening section of Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Introduction to Unix class. These classes included a quiz followed by a short lecture with an accompanying lab assignment.

  • Command line basics & introduction to a git based workflow using Github
  • Covered how to setup and lockdown a VPS using DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS
  • Basic debugging of C++ using GDB and introduction to Makefiles
  • Taught basic usage of Vim & Emacs
  • Created weekly quizzes and the midterms

Tech Support
August 2008 – August 2011

Experience communicating with faculty & students to troubleshoot and resolve software and hardware issues with PC’s and Laptops

  • Responsible for imaging & updating system software for seven campus-wide Mac & PC labs
  • Wrote scripts & documentation for application configuration and deployment
  • Managed inventory for faculty computers & rebuilt machines as needed to resolve issues

Immecor Corporation:

Computer Technician
August 2006 – January 2008

  • Assembled and configured enterprise class servers
  • Wrote documentation used by other employees to assemble numerous machines.



DevOps, CI/CD, Infrastructure, Config Management



DevOps, Infrastructure, Deployment, Containerization, Config Management



Consulting, App Development, DevOps

  • (DevOps)
  • HP MagCloud (Web PDF Viewer)
  • GoPro app (Xbox One, Windows Store, LG Smart TV webOS)
  • NBC Sports LiveExtra (AppleTV / DevOps)
  • 120Sports (AppleTV)
  • Syfy Now (Windows Store)
  • Telemundo (Windows Store)
  • USA Now (Windows Store)
  • NBC Sports LiveExtra (iOS)
  • Golf Channel Mobile (iOS)
  • Golf Channel Academy (iOS)
  • GolfNow (iOS)
  • NBC SportsTalk (iOS)
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Matt Carrier

I am a pixel connoisseur who enjoys the finer details of a Bresenham line. When not staring at arrays of smoothly rendered pixels I enjoy playing guitar and consuming coffee.