Tools and Plugins for OSX

Believe it or not I actually try to avoid plugins because they make it difficult for me to standardize my development machines, but typically some need arises and a plugin is installed…

These are most of the main tools and plugins I use for development.


  • iTerm2 - Terminal with nice split screen support and better fullscreen options
  • SublimeText - Cross platform text editor
  • SourceTree - Visual Git client
  • nvAlt - Quick note taking and searching
  • MouApp - Markdown Editor
  • - Screen sharing
  • GrandPerspective - Not quite as nice as WindirStat but pretty close and the price is right.
  • Charles - Proxy app much like Fiddler but for Mac

OSX Plugins

  • Spectacle - Window manager that works great and is free.
  • Moom - Another really good Window manager for OSX that lets you do things like save and window positions to hot keys. (60/40 splits or whatever you want)
  • Oh-my-zsh - Auto completion and plugins for terminal.
  • Network Link Conditioner (Search Hardware IO Tools for Xcode) Test different network conditions by throttling bandwidth.

SublimeText 2 Plugins

  • Package Control - The simplest way to install sublime plugins
  • Tag - Great plugin for indenting and pretty printing compressed XML
  • Pretty JSON - Make JSON look pretty too
  • Indent XML - I used to use this one a lot, but recently started using Tag more.
  • Git - Sometimes its nice to be able to run quick git commands in Sublime
  • BracketHighlighter - Provides nice bracket highlighting
  • Colorpick - For quick in app color picking
  • SublimeCodeIntel - Code intelligence
  • sublime-jinja2 - Jinja2 template support

Xcode Plugins

  • XVim - Vim bindings for Xcode.
  • Mini Xcode - Minimize the main toolbar but keep access to the scheme selector

Chrome Plugins

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