This is a weapon for the mod I am making. Polys: 850 | Verts: 902

Colt 45

I am modeling this for a Half-Life 2 mod I am making. Polys: 1359 (The in game version, which is this one here with faces removed from the other side is 912 polys.) | The texture isn’t done yet.

1940 Ford WIP

This is a truck that I am making for my mod. I still have much to do with it.

LG KG300 Cell Phone

This is a speed model I did to see what I could do in an hour. Polys: 86 | Verts: 80


This is a prop for the mod I am making.


This is a prop for the mod I am making. Polys: 309

ATST Matchmove

Messing around with match moving and an old animation I made.

Various Rocks

These are some rocks I made at different scales for my mod.

Head of Constantine

I modeled this for an extra credit assignment for one of my art history classes. I didn’t have enough time to finish the model before the due date though. Eventually I want to learn how to use zbrush and add more detail to it.

Earth Shader Test

This is a shader I was working on for the planet earth for a solar system model I was making.