This is a little something I worked on during my internship at Vertigo last summer. This is all written in JavaScript. I used Box2Djs for the physics.

SoundWall Kinect

SoundWall is an open source digital drum machine which can be controlled using the Xbox Kinect SDK for Windows using hand motions and voice commands.

3D Maze

This was part of an assignment for my CS215 class. It involved coding a maze that uses recursion to randomly generate the maze. For extra credit I went nuts and added DirectX support so I could have the whole thing drawn in 3D.  

Linear Algebra applied to 3D Graphics

I made this video as part of a presentation I gave for extra credit in my linear algebra class. It is just showing how matrices are applied in computer graphics.

Monster for my Maze Project

After some play testing, friends told me they couldn’t tell which was the player and which was the monster, so I decided to make this to clear up any confusion.

IT Helpdesk map screens

Here are some screen shots from the map I was working on while on my winter break this year.