Linux web services Part I

This is an introduction to a series of talks about setting up Linux servers. I’m going to make the assumptions that you already have some experience at the command line whether it is Mac or Windows so I will not be explaining basic commands in order to keep these talks with in a one-hour time frame. This talk will be done with the assumption you are using a Mac, but you can also follow along using cygwin on Windows.

Tools and Plugins for OSX

Believe it or not I actually try to avoid plugins because they make it difficult for me to standardize my development machines, but typically some need arises and a plugin is installed…


This is a little something I worked on during my internship at Vertigo last summer. This is all written in JavaScript. I used Box2Djs for the physics.

SoundWall Kinect

SoundWall is an open source digital drum machine which can be controlled using the Xbox Kinect SDK for Windows using hand motions and voice commands.